The Single Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" (Lao-tzu)

Now I am taking that simple saying to mean, that one must make the single step to start the journey. That wishing or just thinking about it, is not enough to complete the journey. So here I am, taking the one single step, to move me forward on my journey. And I invite everyone who does research on the BARBEE surname to come along and join the journey.

Many years ago I looked everywhere for the book that had been written about my family. My Grandmother and Mother told me about this book, but for some unexplained reason I was not able to find a copy. Many years passed and then I found the Family History Library in Salt Lake and the book that I had searched for was there, on microfilm. At last. Ordered the fim, made copy and was in researchers heaven.

Over the years I have researched my family and my ancestors and through the use of the computer have met many who are also looking for their families histories. Which brings me to this part of my journey. The Study of the BARBEE Families of Chatham, Orange and Wake Counties in North Carolina has never been put on the internet. There is no infringement of copyright if I give it away. So you will notice there are no ads and nothing is blocking you from making a copy of these pages.
No comerical use of these page is allowed, but for your own personal research, enjoy. As you look around you will find other pages of research that go directly to the BARBEE name, jump right in and use them also.

Contact me if you have questions, can help with research, or I can help you. This is a "blog", but it will not be a daily one. As I take steps on my journey I will pause and keep you posted.

Linda Barbee Thompson

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