3 September 2011 Labor Day Weekend

What a way to spend your Labor Day Weekend .... doing family research ... great fun.

Most likely, everyone that has or will read this page, has seen or knows about, the website Family search.org. The LDS Church has given the community of family researchers the precious gift of the records of your ancestors. All you have to do is reach out and accept the gift and it is yours. Records saved and filmed from around the world and you have access to them for free.

In the past you had to travel to different places to look for items. Never knowing if you would have success or not. Along came the computer and people started thinking out of the box and devising new ways to help you, in your search.

To many people think that everything is already posted on the internet. NO!!! Lets get that straight right off the bat, NO, everyting is not there yet. But someday it will be, but for now we still have to search and some still have to travel miles to look in records, not knowing the results.

Also, to many people depend on an index. Beware my friend of some indexes, they can be false prophets. 1) They may not be complete 2) They may be just plain incorrect. Some books, microfilm, fiche do not have an index. You will have to use your own mental powers and lots of patience and go through the whole item. Ancestry.com is great, but its motivation is money and profit. Some of their indexes are not complete. Incorrect spelling. A multitude of problems, so do not rely soley on the index. If you know your family was in a certain place and the index does not give you their name, read the whole thing, before you discard the item. AKA the census.

Back to Family Search ... have you looked at their website?? If you do, you will find lots of items for North Carolina ... free for you to use. May not be indexed and you may think what good will that do me. Do not give up ... learn to BROWSE. Lesson for the weekend ... BROWSE!!

https://www.familysearch.org/ You should sign in, that is located on the right at the top of the page. It is the simplest sign in ever. Privacy is respected and no spam. It will allow you to have access to images that you would otherwise not be able to see.

On the home page, about midway down you will see "BROWSE BY LOCATION". A little further down is "USA,CANADA, AND MEXICO". Give it a click and go and look at all the records they have so far placed online. Scroll down the page until you find North Carolina records.

DO YOU SEE THE LITTLE CAMERAS??? There are images in back of that roll of film. Now you have some fun stuff to look at for your weekend and maybe you just might find some records of your BARBEE or any other families you are researching.

Two items I am posting today were found by just browsing through the North Carolina Probate Records. They are posted in the LINKS on this page and is titled JOSIAH BARBEE.

Have fun!!