Josiah Barbee

A Study of the Barbee Families of Chatham, Orange and Wake Counties in North Carolina
Compiled by, Ruth Herndon Shields, Belle Lewter West and Kathryn Crossley Stone

page 93 ...

Josiah's will, dated 1 August 1849, was proved at the court for November 1849. Recorded in Wake Wills 26-603. It is not witnessed, and was found among his valuable papers after his death. It namesd his wife Clarky Barbee, .... "wife Clarky Barbee's children".... daughter Caroline is to have enough "to make her equal with what the rest of my children have had gives them that have married off"....

Executor, "my son William Barbee".

The Inventory of the estate was filed at February 1850 court. No other paper concerning this estate has been found, so we cannot positively identfy all these "children who have married off".

The above is what you would find in the BARBEE BOOK, I am posting the images of the Will and Inventory that I found online at Family Search.

Will was located in North Carolina Probate Record, 1753-1970
Wake County
Wills, Inventories and Settlements, 1845-1850, Vol. 26

Will is located on page 603
but is seen on image 325

Inventory was located on page 624
but is seen on image 336