“Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known?”
~ Charles de Lint

Life is surrounded by mysteries. Our family research may uncover mysteries that have gone unnoticed and may need to be solved. Who doesn't love a good mystery novel. I find researching my families history almost as good as a who-done-it. 

Today the 1940 Federal Census was released!!! Yippee!! Now we can all start seeing more connections in our family. You will have to be patient for the index to be done. Those of us who are indexing, would like to caution you about expecting to much, to soon. The lecture I attended recently, that talked about the 1940 census and indexing, gave a timeline, that is hope to be fulfilled, of six months to finish. Since I do indexing, I am hoping you will be patient if I miss posting something on this site. 

We will need to be patient with just seeing the images posted. That will take several weeks to complete. When the posting is complete you should be able to browse, even if you do not have an index. So happy hunting!!

For the next several months I will be traveling and doing some family research in courthouses and graveyards. Fun stuff. My husband's family will be given some more of my time and energy. He is from New York State and the records are so different than in North Carolina and other parts of the south. And since his family came from Denmark, there is only so much work I can do in the US. (Wonder if a trip to Denmark would be available??) North Carolina will be one of our stops on our travels. A must for me, since I am from Durham.

On my webpage you will find a task bar at the top of the page. There you will see a button for PHOTOS, give it a click and then click on the WW II Scrapbook. I am hoping to find some more old newspaper clippings for Barbees. It is a wonderful collection that the Durham Library has and you might find it interesting  to see some of the brave people who served this country in that conflict.


Enjoy browsing the 1940 census and I hope you solve a few mysteries in your family search.

P.S. I did add some more Wills and you will find them at the link below.